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Steve…and Harvey from Pine Tree Camp


Last week Steven when over to Unity College and talked with students at the job fair.  It always irritates astounds me when I hear government representatives and even folks in the street talk about working in tourism as though it’s a bad thing…boring, repetitive and requiring little intellect…huh?

I can’t talk from experience about working in a fast food restaurant but the service I see being offered by small businesses is stimulating, varied and demands the ability to think quickly and shift with the ever-changing personalities who flow through the door…it doesn’t matter if we’re talking retail, food or lodging…you have to be good at what you do to survive these days…alas, I drift…Steven’s at a “Prune your Orchard” class tonight and I seem to be looking for a soapbox…getting back on target:

Steve is currently offering Spring, Summer and Fall mentored student internships with a focus on environmental practices, eco-tourism and recreational/ outdoor leadership.  As a nationally honored, master teacher  he will help the right student(s) develop projects around the campground’s landscape and activities which include many organic gardens and other edible landscapes, an apiary, heirloom bean and dyer’s garden for the resident Angora goat population, hiking trails and kayak trips, clamming on Sears Island, beach and art projects,cooking, gardening and fiber demos, group recreation, marine ecology and research. I snagged this part from the letter that attaches to the rack card…

My part of the effort was using Photoshop to design the rack card he needed to hand out.  He came away with two terrific candidates but we’d still consider others.   If you know anyone who might be interested in working with Steven, the gardens and the education part of the campground, please have them contact us…I’m going to add a page to this blog with the full letter Steve used to accompany the card.

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