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A peek through Roy’s Camera

Roy takes great pictures. You may have read his posting a couple of week’s ago…and we wanted you to see a few more of his photos:

This is a hula hoop training session.
Getting ready for the lobsterbake.
A tanker unloading.
Storm over Islesboro.
Full moon over the bay.
The start of the Harbor to Harbor trip. – Searsport Harbor
A blue herring in Searsport Harbor.
Heading towards Belfast.
The kayak trip director.
Going into Belfast Harbor.
Arriving at the Weathervane.
Getting ready to go back to Searsport Shores.
Last to return to Searsport Shores Campground.

3 responses to “A peek through Roy’s Camera”

  1. we were there that week!! that full moon was possibly one of the most amazing and beautiful things i’ve ever seen in my life (not including the birth of my child..hahahaha)

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