Peek into my world:

It’s early afternoon, the temperature’s perfect, we’re making giant toadstools again tonight…and over my iced coffee I was thinking about the variety of questions I answered today:

Where can I find orange, purple and green string?

Where can I buy a bikini that’s not cut too high?

I need shrimp…not cooked but kicking…

Do you have a recipe for Dilly beans?

How long will it take me to paddle to Sears Island?

Where can I buy dairy-free butter?

How long will it take me to get to you?

What language are they speaking on that freighter in the Bay?

I need a basket for my bicycle, do you have any you’re not using?

Can I rent some space in your refrigerator?

Is this the Atlantic ocean?

Why are your green beans yellow?

2 Comments on “Peek into my world:

  1. Well when I come in a few weeks it will be

    can someone open my bottle of wine?
    can someone start a fire for me?
    how come I can’t cook like you?
    what was I thinking of bringing two shelties and a grandson camping for a week without Ed????
    see you soon


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