Guided Walk of Sears Island with Tom Seymour

Tom Seymour

Good news always has a way of floating to the top…and it happened again this morning.

I’m proud to think of author, musician, naturalist and all around great guy, Tom Seymour as a friend.  He’s written a dozen books on fishing, hiking, exploring and life in Maine.  He has lectured all over New England and the Maritimes…and writes a wonderful blog.  Tom has graciously agreed to take guests from Searsport Shores on a guided tour of Sears Island.

Sears Island Cove

Guided walk will be Monday July 5th…meeting at the campground store at 10:00AM

One Comment on “Guided Walk of Sears Island with Tom Seymour

  1. I so much hope I remember, and join this tour! Naturalists in nature are amazing people. Like human interpreters speaking in our tongue what Nature is otherwise too subtle or shy to tell us plainly.


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