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Friday Catch Up

I went to Ogunquit for an Arts Commission Meeting…my 4 o'clock reward was a large cappi on the terrace of "Breaking Grounds"

In my mind I post letters to you all almost everyday.

I take pictures, I think of clever phrases and I please myself with my wordsmithing skills…in my mind, I wake early with a clear head and the words just run off my fingers like peach juice.

In my reality I can’t find my camera cable, the internet is slow, the gardens need weeding, I forgot to buy dog food, the goats are calling and I need another cup of coffee.

My imaginary world is so much more fluid than my real world…so here’s the cliff note version of things that have gone on lately at Searsport Shores Ocean Campground…the novel will need to come later.

One of many sculptures by Bernard Langlais…at the Ogunquit Muesum of American Art
Caught another one! Jean from Pennsylvania became a spinner while she was here for a few days
The girls from Florida took time out of their beach combing to shred rhubarb leaves for my latest natural dyeing experiment…more about this on the Fiber College website
A quick pictures of Moseman Park…on the waterfront in Searsport…a nice bike ride from the campground
Mike and Wayne built a new deck on site #2…it's so pretty that the site was rented before they had gotten it power washed.
The Belfast Garden Tour Selection Committee visited…and we've been chosen to display our gardens next year in June for the Garden Tour…we're humbled by the honor.

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  1. We stayed at site #2 for a week in July (2011). It had to be the most beautiful site we’ve ever had the pleasure of camping at! Each morning we enjoyed the beautiful view of the bay from the wonderful deck (pictured above). Yes, we splurged on this campground and spent more than we usually would. Was it worth it? Absolutely!!

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