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Searsport Shores suffers Bomb Attack

Fibers of unknown content, appear to be domestic
This morning, while walking the goats to the group tenting area for lawn management duty, campground owners Mr. and Mrs. Tanguay became aware of a yarn bombing attack of un-specified consequences. No notes were found, we are currently investigating the possible culprits.

At this time, we surmise that the attackers stood no taller than 5′ 6″, were able to knit and purl with consistent tension and were skilled enough to maintain a respectable gauge. Until the inquiry is complete, we respectfully ask that any information any citizen has that may lead us to the culprits be submitted in writing.

Thank you for your concern. Below, please find a compilation of photos taken within 10 minutes of the discovery.

5 responses to “Searsport Shores suffers Bomb Attack”

  1. My guess would be Campah , check for any remaining Fiber threads that may still be in his paws . It’s those quiet ones you have to watch out for …he is always watching you and has obviously picked up the Skill of knitting when you were not paying attention . The height issue for him of coarse is not a problem . He was probably out all night !

  2. My guess would be that Mr. Raven has found something else to do with his time instead of knocking on the cabin door

  3. My guess is my vendor buddy Karen Jelenfy of Village Books in Washington, Maine is at it again. She knit-bombed all the MacDonald’s on the way to the CT Sheep and Wool this spring.

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