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And the survey said…

Have you ever visited RVtravel.com? Geared toward toward RVer’s, this heavily sponsored venture gathers information about your habits based on weekly surveys questioning your likes, dislikes and general behaviors. Although I wouldn’t read the site as gospel, there are some interesting forum discussions and links to travel blogs that look like fun.

According to their research:

  • 84% have never had anything stolen from their RV or campsite. The most-often mentioned thefts occurred when RVs were in commercial storage facilities.
  • 25% have had a pizza delivered to them at their campsite
  • 2/3 get less than 10mpg on their rigs, and only 9% exceed 14 miles per gallon- doesn’t that make you feel better?
  • 85% of RVers surveyed always or almost always bring a computer with the rest of their camping gear…9% never do

Have fun poking around and if you find anything really good, please forward it to me in a comment and I’ll post it on the blog

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