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Astrig and Dad Fly Home from Peru on Tuesday !!

My lovely wife and her dad have been visiting textile museums and weaving communities around the country of Peru these past few weeks.  Each day has been full of new adventure, which she will write about after settling in back home for a bit and before we’re out raking the leaves mashed into the ground by the winter snows.

loom2Astrig has not been able to send much info but here is a bit from an e-mail I received the other day:

Every experience is more amazing than the next…I don’t know if Ill ever be able to share it all…wish you were here. Yesterday at the weaver{s village we met the MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE of Peru…go figure…and today we{re invited to dine at his home in the mountains North of Cusco after we walk some of the Inca ruins that are not available to tourists because they are on his land…can you believe it.  We are tired, dad’s been a trooper and I cant wait for each day to unfold…

….had an incredible day exploring Lima…Dad must have walked 10 miles without complaining…I am exhausted!

We had lunch in a famous ceviche restaurant La Mar where we ate all sorts of fish, conch, octopus and banana chips…washed down with cold beer and pisco sours…we are going to crash for a bit now and intend to head out for a late dinner and music…but we must leave for the airport at 4:30 AM to go to Cusco.

….decided to stay in Cusco a few extra days which gives me a chance to return to one of the weaving villages for an in depth dyeing workshop and on Saturday we´ll fly to Arepequ and take a two day tour of Colca Canyon to watch the condors….

… been staying in a some nice, accomodating hotels and the day trips have been dazzling so all is working well.  Once we found an Aussie restaurant that served food more like home, Dad´s been more relaxed.

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