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What Makes You Happy?

I’m supposed to be working on all of the administrative set up for this year’s Fiber College…and it’s so tedious…the computer end of life…so I decided to procrastinate found myself procastinating for the umpteenth time…and lately that means hanging out on Ravelry (I’m Astralgipsy…an anagram for Astrig Plays).  Anyway, one of the millions of discussions has been “Simple Things That Make You Happy”…here’s a random compilation taken from postings of knitters from all over the world to get your thoughts moving:

picture-150I love finding a treasure at the library that I’ve never heard of before, and flipping the pages quickly because I’m that engaged with the story.
I love the first time you wear a just-finished handknit–the excitement, the pride, the comfort.
I love the feeling of waking up to a clean house (it’s really worth the effort to tidy up the night before!).
I love crisp, clean bed linens.
And mostly, I love precipitous days when I’m practically forced to spend the day on the couch, weaving back and forth between knitting and reading, and sipping on my favorite tea.

I love when my kids get the giggles.

I love waking up to birdsong in the spring.
I love the sound of peepers (baby frogs) in the spring.
I love the smell of woodsmoke on the first crisp night in autumn
I love watching my two youngest dogs wrestle and play.
I love to listen to babies giggle.
I love to share a laugh with my DH

I love the smell of a newly opened box of crayons.

-Flannel sheets p7080177
-Long hot baths
-The smell of bread just out of the oven
-Napping with my husband and the cat.
-Napping on cold afternoons
-Napping outside when it is about 50 degrees and sunny
-Napping when it’s too warm to do anything else.
-Really, really good chocolate

Some things I love: cinnamon, vanilla, weekend mornings, coming home when it’s cold outside, crisp sheets (and going to bed when I’m tired), yarn, knitting, baking and cooking, chocolate, good coffee, wine, sound of ocean, smell of spring, books, interesting storylines and rain when I don’t need to go anywhere.

Isn’t it nice to know that these are the sorts of things that aren’t effected by the economy and these awful wars we continue to wage?

Until further notice: celebrate everything!

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