A crashing end to November

It was a wicked storm…the power went out around midnight and didn’t come back until late the next morning…perfectly conducive to hanging out in bed with a good book and great coffee.  UNLESS, you’re married to a man who frets and worries whenever the wind whistles; of course, in his defense, cleaning up the debris of a storm does fall under his list of responsibilities.

Sadly we lost the big pine on site #10

Sadly we lost the big pine on site #10

Regardless of the fretting I’d have stayed in bed all morning…but we needed to spend the day in Bangor buying supplies for the goat house and meeting with the accountant, so reluctantly I got up, Steve started the generator so we could have hot showers before we headed “to the city” and the day was frittered away (is that really the right word?)

The appearant reason for no power...just before Searsport Village

The apparent reason for no power...just before Searsport Village

2 Comments on “A crashing end to November

  1. Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, my husband’s family has a summer house on Deer Isle. We don’t get to go as often as we would like (Michigan is a bit of drive) but always enjoy the coast and the lobster! Have a safe winter, keep the beautiful photo’s coming.



  2. You are correct, again, my friend:
    frit·ter 1 (frĭt’ər) tr.v. frit·tered, frit·ter·ing, frit·ters
    To reduce or squander little by little: frittered his inheritance away. See Synonyms at waste.
    To break, tear, or cut into bits; shred.

    🙂 Hope all ended up okay on your end.
    Miss you lots.


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