Victor Hugo Said…

“L’esprit s’enrichit de ce qu’il recoit,
Le coeur de ce qu’il donne.

On the stairs to the park

On the stairs to the park

Roughly translated these wise words say:
The soul grows from what it receives,
The heart from what it gives.

I read this quote while I was drinking my coffee and decided to act upon the wisdom by offering a few random acts of kindness on voting day…so…

At the message board

At the message board

At the overlook

At the overlook

I put JJ’s leash on and we headed to Moose Point State Park. In the campground gift shop we have these wonderful leaf pendants dipped in gold and silver (fashioned from leaves taken from trees here on the property), I took three of them and placed them in strategic locations for others to find and take home…

Have a sparkling day too!

One Comment on “Victor Hugo Said…

  1. What a very wonderful thing to do! I hope your kindness is passed on by those who find the little treasures!


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