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Next step, gardens to bed

In the warm sunshine (read barely 50 but hey, it’s November).  Steven got the last of his garlic in the ground and I got all of the rosebushes trimmed back to 12 inches, mulched with leaves and pine needles and finally sprinkled with a slow release fertilizer that will feed them when they wake up in the Spring…

50% for Astrig, 25% to sell and 25% for next year's seed
50% for Astrig, 25% to sell and 25% for next year
Vampire's beware...garlic in the ground
Vampires beware, garlic in the ground

With these chores completed, I tucked my spinning wheel into a sunny spot sheltered from the wind and spun the sample skeins for Steve’s new hat…the colors are those of the ocean…the green is the exact color of the sea lettuce that invades the beaches ever so often.

My pleasure
My pleasure

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