What to do in all the rain?

Drop Spindling with Joey

Drop Spindling with Joey

How quickly we forget the endless days of sunshine when a bit of drizzle moves through!  Well around here we simply make our own happiness (not to sound too Pollyanna)…

There have been movies in the recreation hall, weaving sessions with shells and hand spun yarn, candy bar bingo with huge winnings and plenty of watercolor painting.  Maybe this is a private observation, but it’s always amazing to me that the people who tend to complain the most about the weather are those who are camping under the most luxurious conditions…what’s up with that?  Can we extrapolate this trend to other into other aspects of American life?  But I digress yet again…

This is Joey, he just learned to make his own yarn on a drop spindle.  In the background you can see the new shipment of wool/mohair roving from Friend’s Folly Farm that he, Savannah and Danny are currently bagging up in one ounce baggies.

Tomorrow I’ll post the photos of the rock painting…ponder the amount of fun you can have with paint, rocks, brushes and imagination on a rainy afternoon.

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