A Rock’n Party!

Stone Painting Artists Brian and Robert

Stone Painting Artists Brian and Robert

The other day Hank checked into the campground with his two grandsons Robert and Brian from Westbrook.  Gramps explained that they’ve always had a tradition of painting rocks on each of their camping trips and they were hoping to share the activity with other campers…could they organize a rock painting session in the rec hall?  You betcha!  A rainy day activity organized by someone other than me…oh yeah!

petroglyphs at Searsport Shores

hieroglyphics at Searsport Shores

Well I never imagined that it could be so much fun.  At 1:00 Cheryl, Hank, Robert and Brian arrived with a box of acrylics, paint brushes, extra rocks, newspapers and twizzlers…what more do you need for a party?  Within 10 minutes all of the flat surfaces in the rec hall were covered with old shower curtains (you have alot of those when you run a campground) and there was laughter, giggles and some serious contemplation in the air.

One Comment on “A Rock’n Party!

  1. Astrig
    I hope you have doggie activities for my two shelties if it is raining next week LOL gulp


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