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Oh my gosh it was a great week…but I’m getting older and it seems to be taking longer to catch my breath.  Instead of writing a good blog posting with photographs, I’m going to go sit in the sun and pretend to watch the office.  But I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t around, so here’s the schedule we just posted on the message board for this week:

July 6-12 at Searsport Shores

Sunday Flower Print Note Cards

Family Activity, $2/child with a parent, $20/child without a parent

Wear an old t-shirt, waterfall garden 10AM

Mon Flashlight Games

Family Activity, rec hall at 8:30 PM

un-accompanied children will be fed Pixie Sticks and Red Bull. Bring a flashlight and a bag.

Tue Fairy House Video

Rec Hall at 7 PM…great for all ages!

Wed Building a Fairy House Community

Family Activity, un-accompanied children will be taught to whistle loudly in the car.

1PM at the playground

Thurs Felt Ball (fun with wool, soapy water and lots of colors)

Family Activity, 7PM at the waterfall garden

$2/child with a parent, $20/child without a parent

Friday Candy Bar Bingo

Everyone bring two full size candy bars

Rec Hall at 7PM

Saturday Lobsterbake on the Beach 5:30

Pre- Purchased tickets necessary

I’ll write and tell you about our July 4th week tomorrow…really I will!


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