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Video Days…

We’ve enjoyed a week of weather that the Maine Office of Tourism dreams about video taping because everything is picture perfect…the gardens are lush, the trees are brilliant green and around here the Bay is sparkling as though it were rejoicing in the sunshine too.

Sweet Summertime
Site #52, Douglas Henderson

As we become accustomed to these long afternoons, it feels a bit like homecoming as familiar faces keep driving down the campground road. Douglas was in this weekend to get the flower boxes filled around his trailer and make things pretty for the months to come. A master piano roll cutter, Douglas is the musical genius behind Artcraft Music Rolls. Even though or maybe because the wi-fi keeps him connected with his worldwide audience, he barely has time to take a relaxing walk with his dogs at any hour of the early morning. We think of him as an eccentric friend filled with wonderful music and film lore (and a serious connection to current day politics)…composers and player piano aficionados think of him as an icon of the industry and wait years for him to have the time to translate their works into archival rolls.

Anna\'s new kitchen view
View from site #40

Home Sweet HomeOn a mission to enjoy life, Charles and Anna from Louisiana have settled into their new seasonal campsite. This is the beginning of their retirement and they’ve decided to “do it right!” They sold their home and most of their belongings, bought a sumptuous 5th wheel with more square footage and closet space then my first apartment and they’re going to travel the US from one end to the other. When you come for a visit, you’ll hear Anna’s contagious laughter ringing through the park and if the last week is any indication, you’ll see Charles driving in and out the campground at least 10 times a day…of course they know more people in the surrounding towns than I ever will so I’m not complaining…maybe someday I’ll be a social butterfly too! 😉 When Anna sits at her kitchen table, this is the new view she’s enjoying while she sips her tea.

Before I sign out, I’d like you to meet the Mitchell’s from Waterville Maine. After talking with Earlene on the phone early in the Spri$5 towards a vacation on Penobscot Bayng I was so happy that she’d have site #3 for this entire week in June. This site is one of the most sought-after in the campground. Of course we love to please everyone, but I’m especially charged when I make a reservation for someone who is coming here because HERE is beautiful…not because they’re going to be daytripping every moment of their vacation…I know, it’s none of my business and all that nonsense…but anyway, that’s not the point of my story. When Earlene and James checked in, they paid for their entire vacation in $5.00 bills…and it was a stack! I thought they had a restaurant but no. They had read a savings tip on the Internet and decided to give it a try: throughout the year they put every $5.00 bill they have in their wallets away for vacation…they both did it and now the credit companies can pound sand! 😉

3 responses to “Video Days…”

  1. Astrig,

    I love that you blog! And at WordPress, even! How cool is that?

    I have to tell you we are SO excited about joining you the week of August 9th! Thank you so much for all your help on the phone Saturday. After speaking with you, there was no question for us which campground we would be spending our vacation at this summer. Hands down, Searsport Shores won us over – sight unseen (well, unless you count the internet) – thanks to your gracious manner and the warm feeling I receive after just one telephone conversation. We can’t wait for August!

    Thank you again for your hospitable spirit and kindness. I can’t wait to meet you in person!

    Heather Clement
    North Conway, NH

  2. Hello to all,
    Tell Ana and Charlie hello from New Iberia. We miss them here at church and I know they are keeping you all laughing. Dennis Bingham posted your article on the church bulletin board for all to see. Tell Charlie that Lois is planning on sending him a “care package” from Delaunes. Let us know what he needs.
    Take care and enjoy the weather,
    Jimmy and Lois Poisso
    New Iberia, LA

  3. would like more info on your sites maybe a map? We have 32 foot montana
    4 slides. Would like a brochure or u can email me instead.
    Thank You,
    Heidi Bolduc
    101 Pine St.
    littleton Nh 03561

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