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Lice…warning, this is a rant

I’m in one of those moods…so don’t read this if you’re looking for happy, happy, happy…this is the real life of running a small business in a Mega Corporation world…

First, poor Queen Lollie and Sir Neeshee are itchy…they’re suffering from a bloom of biting lice…with a bit of research and a quick call to Pogo in Monmouth, I now know that goat lice are species specific…that means that humans CANNOT, under any circumstance, get them…listen for my first sigh of relief. We can completely cure this problem if we rub our delightful angora pair once a week for three weeks with diatomaceous earth…(the crushed sea shells people use to add calcium to their gardens or filter their pool water)…listen for my second sigh of relief~ the remedy is totally non-toxic and inexpensive.

The second parasite infestation we’re suffering from isn’t as easily cured. Credit cards. I spent the morning on the phone with Bangor Savings Bank. You know those ads that tell us to use our credit cards and gain free miles or cash back or hugs and a handshake? Their ad slogan is something like “we’re the card that gives back.” Well bless the multi-national banking corporations of the world. Do you know how they’re being so generous? Not by cutting into their record breaking profits. Visa and MasterCard (and the others I’m sure) are financing their largess by charging us, the little guys who run the local American businesses more to process these credit cards…2% more if it’s a “rewards card”…so that they (the same people who can charge upwards of $50 if we miss a payment by a single day) can look generous. These parasitic blood suckers post billion dollar profits, spend millions to discover our weakest mental points and then use the research to advertise with brain washing methods. When will it end? Can we ever get back to a sustainable, cash based economy?

Yup, I spent the morning on the phone with our local bank and my bank statements in hand…I should have gone for a walk on the beach with my poor itchy goats.

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