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What To Do with a Teenager?

Sure, some families like to camp together all day, every day. This posting isn’t for you. This posting is for a family that has a teen or two who might like to learn something different while on vacation. Consider staying here at Searsport Shores but registering your child in a local teen camp while your here. Yesterday’s mail brought us the Tanglewood 2008 program and there are great programs in here for kids ages 6-17.

tenants-harbor.jpgLet me back up a moment. Tanglewood 4-H Camp and Learning Center is in Lincolnville Maine…about 15 minutes down the road from us. The campus is in a 940 acre, forested section of Camden Hills State Park and the Center operates in partnership with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Service. To get your own copy of the brochure I’m writing about, either contact them through the above link or call them at 1.207.789.5868.

Just to give you an idea of what’s available, there are day camps for children ages 6-10 themed on exploring the natural world through songs, games and artwork. There are 6 and 12 day residential camps for 8-14 year olds featuring outdoor living, gardening, creative arts and lots of other things. There’s even a sailing class for kids ages 10-14 that promises to teach you to sail in seven days. Not only do you learn sailing in warm water (think fresh water) but you learn knot tying, rigging and wind awareness. During the week they sail aboard our favorite schooner the Olad and visit a working boat building shop. Now that’s a genuine Maine adventure to talk about during that September “what I did during summer vacation” report.

tenants-harbor2.jpgFor my money, the coolest program in the book is “Islands and Sea Exploration” for ages 13-15. Participants spend their days exploring the bays, coves and islands of the Tenants Harbor area and their nights tenting on an island. They learn boating, navigation and water safety…in real time…yup, this one’s fierce!

Just so you know, Tanglewood isn’t affiliated with us in any way…although we love to ski on the campus in the winter…I simply figured that you wouldn’t have received this brochure in your mailbox and it might be just the ticket for a memorable summer.

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