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Facts and Figures: Maine’s Shoreline


If you were to draw a straight line from Kittery in the far south, to Eastport, the Easternmost town in the United States, Maine only has 293 miles of coast. BUT if you stretch out the jagged coves, inlets and jetties and remeasured, Maine has 4,568 miles of coast…more than the all of the East Coast combined. When you add in the coastline from Maine’s 4,617 islands, you now how a figure of 7,000 miles, that’s more than 11260 Kilometers or more distance than between Maine and Iraq.



For some stupid reason, the Office of Tourism and their NYC ad agency has spent millions of dollars and years of effort to convince the world that our approximately 5 miles of white sandy beach on the Southern Coast is where it’s at…don’t be duped and subsequently disappointed. Most of Maine’s coast is magnificent, rugged, rocky secluded and defies conventional descriptions of a beach…if you’re looking for endless stretch of white sand, do yourself a favor and head for the Carolinas. When you come here, pack rivershoes and be prepared to explore. You’ll find tidal pools, coves of sand dotted with seashells, fantastic rock formations and clean, crystal clear water…did you want something else?


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