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Life in Bullet Points

  • We’re stuck in a weird weather pattern…sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, fog, sunshine…it’s only good because if you’re bored with the weather, walk from one end of the park to the other and you’ll see a change. We’ve seen a minimum of two rainbows each day since last Wednesday.
  • Guest Jackie Kennedy stopped at Mike’s Clam Shack Restaurant in Wells, Maine on her way up for the week and she says to recommend it to everyone. “Very clean, excellent service, terrific value for the price.” It’s on Route 1 and the phone number is 207.646.5999
  • More people attended the Searsport Town Parade this year than anytime in the history of the parade. The Searsport Shores float was a big success thanks to Bob’s bubble machine.
  • Our Internet system has been tenuous at best…this is the third Verizon Modem problem we’ve had in as many weeks. If you send an e-mail to us and don’t get a response within 24 hours, assume that we didn’t receive it and give us a call…I check the e-mail almost every hour between 8 AM and 8 PM so it’s rare for anyone to wait long for a response if the mail gets through…I guess it’s a little like shifting from the Conestoga wagon to the Model T…we should all expect a few challenges.
  • Kids found the first sea anenomes of the season attached to the shrunken lobster buoy this weekend. These beautiful, delicate creatures look like flowers under water until they sense danger (like an approaching finger)…they disappear quicker than the blink of an eye.
  • The sea stars (star fish) have migrated in for the season. At low tide the rocks are covered with orange, purple, khaki and cream colored stars in all sizes.
  • This year’s soft-shell lobsters are officially in…a delicacy worth worth waiting for…everyone agrees the last two lobster bakes have been un-paralleled…sweet is the operative word.
  • Anthony (age 11), George (age 10) and Micheal (age 11) say that the coolest thing to do in the campground is ping-pong and pool…and tipping rocks at the beach.
  • On July 4th, guests watched fireworks over the Bay from 6 different towns simultaneously…by the warmth of the bonfire.
  • From a distance it looked like a field of fireflies on steroids…up close there were 40+ children hunting for candy scattered in the grass…with flashlights. When 4 year old Kyle Futrelle thought I hadn’t found any candy, he slipped some in my hand without prompting…when I asked him why he was giving me his tootsie rolls he said “sharing better than candy”…those are words to live by.

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