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Scavenger Hunt

p6300014.jpgMeet the Brunnelle family from Miller’s Falls Massachusetts.  This is Kyle, Joshua, Cody, Mom Marcie and Dad Jason.  Along with 5 other families, they took the Searsport Shores 2007 Scavenger Hunt…and won!  They found a crab skeleton, a yellow towel, a red hair elastic, made crayon rubbings of different leaves, identified 10 different flowers…30+ items in all were on their list and they had some stiff competition.  Their reward?  Free strawberry shortcakes for the entire family.  Everybody else had to stand in line and pay but the rewards were high…the Bay glowed lavender as it reflected the rain clouds and the strawberries tasted of summer.  We used fresh baking powder biscuits, brushed them with Kate’s Homemade Butter and topped them with freshly whipped cream.

Tonight we’re doing making a banner for Wednesday’s float in the the Searsport Independence Day Parade, playing a couple of serious games of Simon Says and hunting for candy with a flashlight…wish you were here!

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