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Happy Easter to All!

There’s still enough snow on the ground to allow us the luxury of staying inside even though we open in about a month…as they say, there’s no point in fighting with Mother Nature. So today I’ve sat and spun and knit most of the day while Steven finished up some graduate classwork left over from his Cuban trip.


Yesterday we went to an auction in Belfast to benefit the Pine Tree Summer Camp scholarship fund. The room was packed and everyone was having a good time. We bought some things we needed anyway like a truck load of gravel and 1000 board feet of lumber but we also came home with3 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies and a Jenny Lind bed positively dated to 1910…of course I don’t need a Jenny Lind twin bed but the spindle work was too nice to pass up…does anyone out there want a beautiful Victorian bed? It will be waiting in our already crowded garage.

I’m still working on the brochure/rack card…my ideas just don’t seem to gel. David T made an interesting comment on the rack card question when he said that he considers brochures worth the time to keep and file because they contain enough information to make them useful. He considers rack cards a throw away item because of their limited content…please, if you’re reading this, weigh in on this issue…I need to have something printed before we open Mother’s Day weekend.

Honor the child inside…eat some chocolate today!

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