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Sunday We Picnicked…Thursday We Shovel!

Steven in the deep snow

“They” predicted 3-5 inches of snowfall as a result of last night’s storm…this is what we got:

I love snow days! They’re like little breathing breaks sanctioned by Mother Nature.  Evenlooking towards Belfast though I’m an office of one, there’s still a change in the atmosphere when the unanticipated occurs.

This morning the phone wasn’t ringing.  I used the time to spin a portion of my luscious Leicester wool (I dyed some of it peach, watermelon, cherry red and apricot in anticipation of Spring)  while the snowflakes floated down in front of the windows. Spinning is a wonderfully useful outlet for me because while my hands are busy,  my mind can work out whatever creative challenges are at hand.

Right now it’s the brochure I’ve bp4030010.jpgeen procrastinating on during the past month.  This afternoon I should have a solid draft finished for review and a final draft by tomorrow night…but I think our new publicity piece will be a rack card.  I believe that most people ask for a brochure for one of two reasons: either they have been to the park and they want something to keep in their files for future reference or they ask for one before they decide to camp here…sort of as proof that we’re a real business.  If my observations are correct, then a rack card will be a cost effective way to remember the park or impart confidence on a prospective guest.  What are your thoughts?  I still have time to change our direction if I’m missing something.

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  1. Hi

    We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this winter and are really looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

    My observations re rack card: as an avid collector of brochures at State welcome centers, I have definitely been influenced by informative campground brochures to stay at particular campgrounds. Rack cards, however, I usually consider throwaways because they contain little more information than you can find in Woodalls or other camping guides. The brochure should definitely emphasize the unique aspects of your campground – along the lines of your previous blog entry. Hope this helps. Our best toStephen and Zaven. Pat and Dave Tyree

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