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Saturday we went to the most wonderful farm in Waldoboro, Sunday I drove to Boston for the Wholesale gift show, Monday I walked 5 miles with my sister-in-law near her home in Milton and then had lunch and a play date with my sister and two nephews Nicholas and Daniel and then drove home in the pouring rain. Tuesday I played catch up on e-mail and phone calls and tried to nurse a sick computer back to health…I know this is a “run on sentence” but its the best way to describe a run on weekend. Life on Penobscot Bay can be hectic but it usually doesn’t involve a lot of travel over roads with more potholes than pavement.

I want to catch up a bit and show you our trip to the Beau Chemin Farm in Waldoboro Maine (http://beaucheminfarm.com). Waldoboro is about 1 hour South of us on Route one…if you look on a map it’s between Bath and Camden.  As a daytrip it should be considered a gold star destination if you enjoy curious sheep, handsome poultry, Maude the Suffolk Punch draft horse and a Randall Cow.

Jo and Wayne Meyers are a delightful couple with an awesome mission…to conserve a working farmstead, endangered heritage breeds of livestock, heirloom varieties of vegetables & flowers, old buildings, soil and woodlot.

The Meyers have opened their farm and their hearts to people who drive in the 3.5 miles from Route 1. There are self guided walking trails, signs explaining the types of animals who may be sniffing at your fingers and if you plan ahead you will be welcome to demonstrations in spinning, wool processing & dyeing and guided farm tours. I came home with a love of the Meyers and 2 pounds of Leicester Longwool wool…creamy white ringlets…enough for an eventual sweater once I get it spun and dyed (we all have a carrot at the end of the stick…for me it’s the pile of wool waiting in the basket by the window).

In season there are pick your own raspberries, farmstand vegetables and fresh eggs. Ask nicely and see if you can’t visit the Khaki Campbell Ducks…you won’t be sorry.

For an odd reason, my photos won’t load onto this blog post so I’m sending them flicker and you can see them there.

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