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Always a surprise!

wavelogo.jpgDo you walk through life knowing that there’s always a surprise lurking behind a tree somewhere? I do…and I’m seldom wrong…yesterday it came in the form of Spring floods. Like most of the Northeast, we’ve had alot of rain during the past 10 days. Of course the ground is still frozen solid under the inch of mud, think of it as a very thick layer designed to make every step precarious. It’s a good beginning for a flood, but follow the rain with a couple of warm days and it’s a guarantee.

The ground water needs to get to the ocean… sometimes it follows the campground roads, sometimes it chooses a new path…yesterday it chose pool up in the store and rec hall…My plan had been to surprise Steven with a coffee break in the afternoon sun (the first chance of the season). Reality was different. As soon as he got home from school we spent quality hours with a wet vac and broom instead of fresh muffins and coffee…doesn’t that seem wrong to you too?loriterrylisajim-2005.jpg

But before our tiny disaster struck, I got a version of our logo completed. Here it is and please tell me what you think. I’m going for an image that says: friendly atmosphere, sophisticated enough for wi-fi and amenities but casual enough for you to want to vacation here…so much meaning in a couple of squiggly lines πŸ™‚

Our original logo can’t be that bad because it has brought so many wonderful people to our doorstep. Meet Lorie & Terry, Jim & Lisa from wine country NY. Lorie e-mailed this perfect July afternoon postcard.


If I were to venture a guess, it was taken from the door of one of their tents or as Jim lounged in the hammock while Lisa brought him a drink.

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