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This is wonderful.

The best piece of advice I heard in 2022, while working in the studio, was from the 10% Happier Podcast: Stop and recognize happy moments when you’re in the middle of them. Literally stop and say out loud, “This is a happy time.” It’s a way to ground yourself in the joyful parts of your life. I love this! How many times have I muttered myself, “grrrrr” (or worse but why share?) when something went askew? It’s easy to express frustration but I want to start expressing Joy with greater frequency.

In 2023 I’m going to spend even more time saying…“This is wonderful!” and invite you all to join me…instead of a secret handshake, let’s make it our new conversation starter whenever our paths cross.

In true end of the year/beginning of a fresh year tradition, I want to share a few wonderful moments from last summer. As I was looking through the images to add to the post, I could feel my heart tingling from the smiling faces, the beautiful weather, the creative energy at work. Our atmosphere is a cocktail of summer camp, farm on the coast, art retreat and home. After 30 years, we’re all getting a little soft around the edges and a little less manicured but with time comes a patina that can’t be described…it just has to be felt.

This year we hosted more meals, gave away more produce from the garden, put another box on the bee hives and added chickens to our menagerie. Being able to offer something grown right here on the property to add to someone’s table is a pleasure that cannot be understated. Gift giving nourishes both us and our friends. It’s wonderful!

In 2022 we built more hiking and biking trails in the park and across the street…so humans and pets had more space to roam. Solitude is a precious commodity these days and sometimes it’s time alone that makes us better when we get back to being around others. t’s wonderful to enjoy so much space.

We took more time to eat and celebrate with those that we love so dearly! We’re not a tribe, we’re a wonderful family!

We let fire and light warm our souls and felt the inspiration that comes from being wrapped in reds, golds and yellows. It’s wonderful to feel warm inside.

We hosted more creatives who made music and traditional crafts. We took the time to listen to the lyrics and hear the stories of how people’s talents came to light. It’s a wonderful practice to remember that everyone has an interesting story to tell.

We had more sunny days in 2022 so we spent more time soaking up that sunshine! We made art on the side of the road while others sang from the stage. One passion informs the other and it’s wonderful to feel the energy swirl around us all.

We saw friends discover new passions and felt that surge of pride that can only come from being together and using our hands…we know it as children but it’s wonderful to remember it as adults.

We couldn’t have all this without you…thank you for being so wonderful!

Completely off topic, did you know that 2023 is the year of the rabbit in Chinese Astrology? The Chinese culture considers the rabbit to be the luckiest out of all 12 animals, and the sign symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity. 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.

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    • Michelle, you and Clayton have been a big part of shaping this park…since the boys were little enough to be excited about delivering newspapers! Happy New Year, Astrig

      • Happy New Year to you!  See you this summer. 



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