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100 years ago, our campground was part of a coastal farm that stretched from the ocean’s edge to the mountain on the other side of Route 1. Farmers typically fished in the winter and farmed in the summer so the lucky landholders enjoyed the best of both worlds. As we build the hiking trails and gardens across the road, we’ve come to truly appreciate the flexibility we have to work by the cool breezes of the water or hike in the shelter of the woods.

Part of responsibly managing these 150 acres involves culling trees and cleaning up “winter pruning.” As we’ve watched the price of lumber sky rocket, we’re particularly thankful for the white pine that was planted in careful rows 50 years ago under a government program to reforest the coast. Thanks to these trees, over the years many of our buildings have been constructed from the lumber that was grown here (as a side bar, we plant two trees for every one that is cut). These past few months, Steve’s been focused on all things wood, so first the logs went out of the campground…and then the boards came back. The next projects are another tiny house cabin, a big side deck on the garden kitchen for outdoor meals and dancing and another pavillion for gathering…I love the smell of sawdust in the air!

a little too excited about sharing a meal with friends!

My time has been occupied with all things Campground Office, Maker’s Guilds Retreats and our well loved flock. I’m grateful that we are now exiting the season of zoom and entering the season of face to face . Like many, I’ve been craving real smiles and sparks of conversation with friends old and new. Our friends are trickling back into the campground to help us run the summer season smoothly and we’re looking forward to a fluid blend of camping, food, and creative pursuits. Now that we’re all vaccinated, we’ve been able to share meals, although we continue to choose outdoor encounters over indoor ones ’cause we kinda like it. Last night we cooked pizzas in the wood range (that lives in the garden kitchen that was built with lumber from the campground šŸ˜‰).

Our 29th annual clean up weekend happens in 4 days. The waterlines have been activated (but not all tested), the powers on and the lists are piling up everyday…supplies to buy, meals to plan, a big chart of who’s coming in and where their specialties lie. Clean Up weekend is the salve to our souls because just when we feel like the chores and repairs are more than we can handle, a calvary of fresh energy comes in and just like the bumper sticker promises, many hands make for light work! Besides, I get to indulge my love of making donuts in the lodge pot on Saturday morning!

We’ve changed things up a bit in the flock too. Those of you know who know our little Binx, know that he’s a fragile old soul that needs a bit of protection…long story short, his partner Bubbles was getting too rambunctious so she found a new home, and little Jellybean was in need of a gentle companion…so we did a little swapping. Don’t you wish all relationships could be so easily re-arranged? Now you know why our kids have 4 legs!

And last but certainly not least, we’re putting more of the touches on the Makers Guild retreats. Our first one is just a month away and I can’t wait! Three wonderful artists are gathering before hand for a bit of self guided professional development…and then they’ll be teaching 20 lucky students how to make a bespoke tunic from fabric they’ve been guided to dye with natural indigo, embroider it with stitches made from plant dyed embroidery floss and then cut and sew a tunic that fits their body to perfection. A tunic sound too daunting…there will be an evening wrap option too. Click here to find out more. In the meantime, keep creating happiness and stay healthy!

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  1. You are two of the most amazing humans I know. Your energy makes the world a better place.

  2. Sorry to hear Bubbles is no longer there … can’t wait to meet Jellybean. Will bring treats!

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