Happy Days

What a day it is today- the degrees are slowly nudging into the 80’s, with a cool breeze and a clear sky. I think my favorite part about living on the ocean is the smell- I have always loved the smell of the ocean (perhaps that’s why I’m a marine biologist). The past few days have been great- we got new t-shirts! Don’t worry, there are some for sale in the store so you can snag your own.

shirts, searsport, fun, happy, orange, maine


I am also officially the mother of two (cats) now! Emily and I were hiking in the middle of the woods, and we heard meowing. We were really confused, but kept walking. Eventually, this tiny white kitten popped out of the bushes- we decided to keep her and name her Pia. I have another child named Blaze, who is 17, and the biggest Maine Coon cat you’ll meet. They love each other which is awesome and Pia walks around the campground on a leash like a dog, so when you see us come say hello! Pia met Trevor yesterday and loves him.

goats, cats, love, happy, searsport

The other day I got to go practice my screen printing with Susan Tobey-White. She’s actually offering some classes at fiber college this year! She’ll also be doing rolling classes, and her assistant will be on of my close friends, Allysun. Susan focuses on printing with everyday objects and working with texture- it was a really cool day off.

susan, tobey-white, art, maine, love, fun, art, creative

Lovely painting by Susan!

art, maine, susan tobey white, printing

What an artist!

I also love doing the lobster bakes- serving has always been something I’m passionate about- along with customer service! I love talking to and mingling with the guests. This may be a little weird, but I also love the colors at the lobster bake. The food is right from the bay, or our gardens, so it’s super fresh, and the colors really pop.

green, fresh, lobster, bake, searsport, maine, happy

Lobster bake!


fire, lobster, maine, camping

Lobster bake!

rockweed, maine, fresh, local

Lobster bake!

Can’t believe I only have a month and a half left here, but I’m focusing on enjoying the moments now!
See you soon 🙂
xo, Amber






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