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Any new adventure is exciting, especially one located at such a special place. However, agreeing to pack up my life and move into a camper for three months, three hours away from my home, was more than a little nerve racking. Hello! My name is Amber Jenkins, and I will be working at Searsport Shores- and blog posting- all summer.

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searchin’ for urchins’

I’m currently a junior at The University of New England, studying marine biology and animal behavior. I want to rehabilitate animals, specifically sea life, and release them back into the ocean. I also have an interest in art, with a few of my pieces currently in an art exhibit in Rockland, Maine. For those of you who know Searsport Shores, it seems like this is where I would belong. With the ocean and artwork embracing me with every step around the campground, I should feel right at home every day. And so far, I do.

urchins, sea, ocean
Sea Urchins

As we have taken the first few steps into June, the campground is thriving. The honey bees are about, the birds are singing, the leaves are finally green, the sky is a clear blue, and -knock on wood- the sun is shining. The past few weeks have been quite rainy. Although lovely for our gardens, it doesn’t help the seedlings we have been planting on and off throughout the short dry spells. Tomatoes, corn, popping corn, strawberries, scallions, golden & red potatoes and wild parsley are a just few of the veggies you can sink your teeth into come mid-July.

On top of gardening, I have been very busy. One of my first tasks was putting up a billboard with a mermaid as tall as I am, about 5’10. It certainly was a crazy start to my week. I got to go to a farmer’s market and I tried gelato made with buffalo milk, which is apparently much healthier than cow’s milk for you because of the extra calcium.

buffalo, milk, gelato, new, yum, food
Love Trying New Things

I got to lead a beach and nature walk, in which I got to share some knowledge about the ocean & the sea life. I’ve also managed to improve my lawn mowing skills, and along with my newly acquired goat wrangling abilities, I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I now know how to drive a tractor and I must say; I think I may start diving it around instead of the golf carts.

tractor, Maine, girl, riding, red
Chugging Along

I’m currently learning how to run the store, which is a huge job in itself. I do enjoy it though, and the people here make my job a lot easier.  I hope you’ll say hi when you come in!



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Hard To Be Crabby With This Job

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