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Japanese Crafts with Mihoko July 10 – 16

Mihoko Wakabayashi, 

native of Japan, has been working on SAORI Weaving  for nearly 20 years. 

SAORI is an improvisational style of weaving started in  

Japan, Mikohos SAORI studio in Worcester, MA is the first official studio in  
US, she has been teaching all ages and variety of abilities since 2000.  
Mihoko will share a Japanese art everyday including SAORI weaving, 
Japanese Paper Dyeing and Origami. These art are suitable for all ages, 
children to elderly. They are simple but beautiful and interesting. Participants 
will make something that they can take home with them. 
SAORI Weaving is a moving meditation. There are no mistakes. Anyone can  
weave on ready-made warp. With SAORI weaving you can make a small tapestry or a bracelet to take home in half an hour.
Dyed paper will be great for wrapping gifts and make cards.
Campers may also  learn the basic origami or possibly graduate to something more complicated depending on their skills.
During the residency,  Mihoko plans to weave her own project and dye fabric with Indigo.

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