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Throwing Pots with Russell Kahn

Camp & Create Artist-in-Residence Russell Kahn          will be visiting Searsport Shores July 3 – 9

“Think globally, act locally” is a motto that Russell Kahn lives by with his art. He has been an art educator in public schools for the past 20 years and shows his own art in local venues, however inspiration for ideas and media comes from all over the globe. His father is from Capetown, South Africa, his mother is from Tel Aviv, Israel, and his stepmother is from Innsbruk, Austria. Prior to settling in Maine, he lived in New York, South Africa, Boston, Tucson, and on the Navajo Reservation. All of these places and cultures have contributed to who Russell Kahn is and how he sees the world.

We are fortunate we don’t have to travel far to find Russell, He lives in Belfast and is involved in many art happenings in the area!

Campers will work on handbuilding clay with coils and slabs from 10 – 12 in the morning.

If they’re there for one night they can use air dry clay and if they’re staying for a couple of days or more, campers will use real clay and Russell will fire it in his kiln and possibly have time to glaze it.

Russell will also be demonstrating how to use the wheel and if campers would like to set up private lessons, He could set up a time with them at an hourly rate.

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