Kathleen Gerdes: Needle Felting Fun with Owls:

Needle Felting Fun with Owls
Somewhere along the path, wool popped into my world and all of a sudden I couldn’t get enough of it!   I love to work with wool, as it is very tactile and it immediately creates a calming feeling for me,  I’m sure it will for you too. 
I do both needle felting and wet felting, but today we’ll chat a little about needle felting.  It’s easy for everyone to do, and my workshops have included students from age 8 to 80 and beyond.  I haven’t decided yet whether I enjoy two-dimensional or three-dimensional when I am needle felting, or if I just love them equally.  I’m guessing it’s the latter at this point.  
As you can see by Mr. Hooty, who is three-dimensional and who stands 6 inches tall, he is made from natural wools and other than his beak and the spots on his belly which were dyed, he’s just a natural little guy made right from a sheep’s wool.   Then again, if you study the detail in the wall hanging of Mama and Baby Owl, you’ll see just how much fun it can be to work on a flat surface.  
When you come to the studio, during the week of August 23rd you can try your hand at either method of needle felting.  But trust me, I can almost bet that you’ll love them both equally, as I do !  And just to make your visit to the studio even more fun, you can also try your hand at wet felting.  I’ll talk about that process in my next blog………   
In Fibery Goodness, Kathleen Gerdes
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