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Maryly Matthewman Creates the Faces of Searsport Shores, August 9-15

MarylyMatthewmanDear Campers,

My week in August will be here soon enough.  My July seems to be booked up already and it will be wonderful to come to Maine and create with you.

This will be my third session as Artist in Residence in Searsport and it is easy to think of things to share as everyone has always been so open to new ideas.  Although I found my work as a dental hygienist in a dental clinic serving the underserved in our community pretty rewarding, I love retirement time! Now I can sew and stitch, put colors, textures and forms together, make baby quilts, knit mittens, hats, socks, sweaters and do it the way I want to for as long as I want to.

This year as part of my “Faces of ………Project” I will be creating a face out of bits of fabric  and I hope you will join me for a  “Faces of Searsport Shores Campground”.   I am working on “Faces” of different areas, jail, Boys and Girls Club, Laconia, and Squam, NH.  I will also help you create a self portrait to take home.

My friend has given me some of her lovely handcrafted glass beads to sell for $1 and they are beautiful! So, I have a lot planned for you and I do hope you will join.  Want to learn to knit?? I can teach you as I have been teaching beginner knitting in our jail for about 5 years now. I will bring yarn and needles, just show up! Anyone interested in knitting at all, come this week so we can knit together.  And if at all possible, I would love to use that outside bread oven!!!! I have been a bread baker for well over 40 years.  Well cheers to a great week!



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