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Russell Kahn Artist-in-Residence July 12 – 18

“Think globally, act locally” is a motto that Russell Kahn lives by with his art. He has been an art educator in public schools for the past 20 years and shows his own art in local venues, however inspiration for ideas and media comes from all over the globe. His father is from Capetown, South Africa, his mother is from Tel Aviv, Israel, and his stepmother is from Innsbruk, Austria. Prior to settling in Maine , he lived in New York , South Africa , Boston , Tucson , and on the Navajo Reservation. All of these places and cultures have contributed to who Russell Kahn is and how he sees the world.

His work spans different genres and styles that make him a complex artist, just like human beings are. He primarily works with silkscreening, pastels, ink and clay.

Here’s what Russell has to say…

Clay has always fascinated me. At an early age, from making small animal sculptures to pinch pots, it’s always been a forgivable medium. I enjoy making utilitarian objects on and off the potters wheel, but I like the sculptural  aspect of clay too.  Experimenting with glazes is another decorative realm of ceramics.

Throughout my 26 years of teaching art in public schools I have always made sure there was instruction time for kids to learn about clay and glazes.  Now that I have been teaching high school for the past 9 years, most of my classes are ceramics courses, but I do teach a few 3D-Design and painting classes too.  In the past, I have taught Drawing and Printmaking courses.

Recently, with my own artwork I have completed a set of Sgraffito ( etching through the under-glaze of the surface of the form before firing) ceramic forms …all 4 forms were juried into a show this summer at the Harlow Art Gallery in Hallowell, Maine, titled “All Fired Up” a show of contemporary ceramic work. The show is from July 31-Aug 22, The opening is Friday July 31, 5 – 8 p.m.

During his week at The Shores Russell will teach wheel work and hand building each morning.



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