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Meet Artist in Residence – Angelika Paul

Searsport Shores is thrilled to be welcoming back Angelika Paul for another week this summer with Art From Scratch. Everyone had a super good time last year bouncing their very own super balls and  making colorful, messy art using basic materials found in the kitchen!
Angelika will be at The Shores June 28 – July 4th
Meet Angelika Paul….
Hello, I’m Angelika – mom, scientist, DIYer, and camper. My current adventures include the kitchen, beaches, gardens, forests, libraries, science museums, and our basement. That’s where we do our arts and crafts at home. I live in Stoneham, MA with my two children, three cats, a dog, and my wonderful (though possibly long suffering) husband.
I got started making art supplies from scratch after I refused to buy more playdough. That stuff is EXPENSIVE! So I hopped on Pinterest and tried the first recipe for play dough I came across. Total fail. Ever the scientist I started experimenting with different recipes, different ingredients, and different ways of preparing each recipe. It took a while, but my children got to learn some chemistry and a touch of art theory. And we got to make a lot of mess. Woot!

Last year I was collating all my back-of-paper-towel notes and launched a Kickstarter project to publish a boxed set of recipe cards. I ended up in hospital for a week, just during the final phase and it didn’t get fully funded. Health has kept me from finishing that project, but my children and I will be super happy to show other campers how to prepare play dough, paint, bubbles, slime, and bouncy balls at Searsport Ocean Shores Campground for a second year.



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