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Bees and Weather

The Bees are Here! Searsport Shores Ocean Camping
The Bees are Here!
Searsport Shores Ocean Camping

When Mother Nature doesn’t want to give you a break, opening a campground in Maine is hard work! It seems as though it’s snowing every morning and even though our intentions are good, when we start to rake the leaves and find them frozen to the ground, there’s little you can do but move on…and everyone’s been moving on to whatever task they can accomplish.

Our eye is “on the prize”… we open with our free clean up weekend May 8th so we need to have the water running, some of the sites ready, the bathhouse open and the rec hall arranged enough for some communal meals.  We’ve been burning brush, splitting campfire wood and dodging rain/sleet and snow to get ready.

Steve’s new bees arrived from Georgia yesterday so he left the burn piles to Mike and Wayne while he tried to settle them into their new hive…not an easy task when the wind is blowing and rain keeps drizzling down.  This morning I made Steve the poster above to remind him of why he keeps changing his boots and “heading back out”…did I mention that I’m glad I can hide behind the computer with the dog at my feet?

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