Peace in a package

According to the calendar, we’re already working our way toward Spring…but luckily it doesn’t feel that way yet! It’s bone chilling cold outside, the goats and birds are puffed out like silly souffles on stick legs and the sea smoke is rising from the Bay. It’s a brilliant time of year for those of us who love sunrises because we don’t have to get up early to enjoy them~ if your inner coffee alarm goes off at 6:30, you’ll be certain to watch a brilliant show over the water.
The other day Alice capture this while she walked her dog Jazzy. Remember years ago when all of the souvenir shops sold air in a can…well, here’s our cyber version and it only costs you 54 seconds of your time. BTW, if you get an error message, you’re probably viewing through Firefox, try cutting and pasting the address into a different browser.

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