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Counting Blessings


It’s hard to believe that only seven days sit between us and the turn of the year. The long nights and lingering meals allow our minds to wander and reflect on the wealth we’re fortunate enough to enjoy. Like everyone, our lives aren’t a Disney movie version of through the rose garden.  We’re occasionally grabbed by the thorns, tripped up by exposed roots or a surprise infestation of iridescent bugs; but when it all sifts through to our hearts, it’s the colors, textures and laughs that rise to the top and make the trip worth while.

Without dwelling on every specific or getting overly poetic, we’d like to thank you deeply for being along for the ride as we successfully finished our 21st year of camping seasons’ (and the campground’s 50 years of hosting guests) and 8th year of Fiber College in September. In these recent years we’ve expanded our organic gardens and added honey bee hives, grown the artist in residence program into a full summer destination with separate retreat cabins and made lasting friendships that have survived through marriages, divorces, births and deaths…our lives are linked by days or weeks when you come to Searsport and call our world “home.”  Thank you from our hearts, Astrig & Steve





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