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Fishing Anyone?

The weeks between January and April are filled with “getting things in place.”  Almost everyday has Steven and I meeting with someone new or re-connecting with an old friend as we work on the schedule and itinerary suggestions for the summer.  A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of having coffee and doughnuts with Steve and Libbey  Spencer from Gull Charters.  We talked about everything from environmental regulations to fishing in Alaska and how that’s different from fishing in Maine. Captain Steve’s professional hat was the State of Maine’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Management.

Captain Steve has been fishing the waters of Maine his entire life… venturing to Florida and Alaska only for a change of pace every once in a while.  As he described the different sorts of things they do for the guests they take fishing, I felt like a trip with captain Steve would be like going out with your favorite uncle.  We were so enchanted with his stories and broad knowledge base that we asked him to be an artist in residence…and he said yes!  Steve will be living on his boat July 6-13 in front  of the campground and lead activities centered around fishing, boating and Maine stories.  By the time we were finished hours had gone by and I couldn’t remember all we had talked about so with parting hugs I asked him to write us a note to joggle my memory about the trips he could offer our guests…and he did:

Libby and Steve Spencer of Laughing Gull Boat Charters
Libbey and Steve of Laughing Gull Boat Charters

Hi Astrig and Steve,

Libbey and I really enjoyed the chance to visit with you at Searsport Shores and chat with you about how your campers might enjoy a boating excursion aboard the Laughing Gull.

Searsport Shores’ Penobscot Bay location is in the midst of some of the Maine coast’s loveliest boating opportunities. We offer several great trips that start at Steamboat Landing in nearby Searsport Harbor and dozens more that can start within an hour’s drive of the campground.

Because we trailer Laughing Gull we can show folks all the coast of Maine has to offer from quiet estuaries to wild islands to bold headlands.  We’ve designed trips that we feel capture a fine variety of the scenery, history and wildlife that each area offers. We call these Signature Trips on our web site lgboatcharters.com .  We also enjoy working with guests to custom design an excursion that focuses completely on their interests

Laughing Gull is a 24′ lobster yacht that we had built for our company in 2013.  She is comfortably outfitted with cushioned benches, a private toilet, and has a sliding roof and clear view curtains to keep out the weather should we encounter a passing shower. Safety equipment far exceeds Coast Guard requirements and we’re fully insured.

We pride ourselves on providing warm hospitality, excellent interpretation and delicious local food.  I am a licensed US Coast Guard Captain and a Registered Master Maine Guide.

Fishing aboard the Laughing Gull is a casual affair.  We provide all the rods, tackle and licenses.  We can usually catch some mackerel or  harbor pollock-perfect for the grill back at the campground.

Outings from Searsport include an exploration of the Penobscot estuary all the way upriver to Bangor once known as the “Lumber Capitol of the World”. Another nice trip is to cross the bay to the historic seaport of Castine and poke our bow up the Bagaduce River to the head of navigation.

Puffins and pick your own berries? Certainly, we’ll map out an hour’s drive that takes your campers to Waldoboro where we’ll launch Laughing Gull and wind down the tiny Medomak River to Muscongus Bay and wander amongst the islands until we reach the puffin nesting ledge known as Eastern Egg Rock.  We’ll help folks plot a return to the campground past chances to stop and pick strawberries, blueberries or raspberries depending on the season. The puffin young of the year are fledged by late July and the young and adults head off into the open sea so if they’re the highlight of your trip schedule accordingly

The March thaw continues here in Whitefield and I should shovel some snow around the boat before it freezes this evening so I’ll sign off for now.



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