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Day of Love


Today’s agenda:

Blueberry scones, lemon curd and a new blend of dark coffee from Green Tree Roasters in Lincolnville…sitting in a sunny window with a good friend

Answer e-mails and return phone calls

Worm the goats, trim their hooves and feed them handfuls of sunflower seeds…so they know that they’re loved

Walk the beach when the sun is highest…the Steve and I will be hunting for purple sea glass, the hound will be hunting for pee messages

Homemade Turkey Pie (the turkey was grown on Betty’s farm in Winterport), cranberry sauce from a can and a bottle of cold white wine we’ve been saving for a “special occasion”…chocolate lava cake and Gifford’s vanilla bean Ice Cream

Check e-mails & phone messages

A “chick flick” and followed by a long hot sauna and a run through the snow…early to bed.


I’m well aware that the easiest way to make the Gods laugh is to tell them your plans…so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed…

Love to you too!

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