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January flew by too…

Walking the beach on Monday…the air was really cold but whenever you were sheltered from the wind (note to self: why is the water so calm?) the sun felt marvelous.

Saturday I attended a paper cutting class…magic with only scissors, paper and imagination!
This afternoon, insert fog horns and distant buoy bells

My January is about eating, planning, creating, re-defining goals and interests, snoozing on the couch & seeing friends we don’t seem to make time for when the campground’s busy and the garden is always calling for attention.  This is the time of year that I ponder such important questions as: do I really need to Twitter and was there life before Netflix?


Scavenging for acorns…it’s foggy & warm today

penny princess

I love this deepest slumber of winter.  Yes, more snow would make it perfect but even with bare patches of ground it has still been cold enough to cuddle under blankets on the couch, read and watch things on television that I had never imagined I could enthrall me.

How did others live before we had entertainment from literally around the world at our finger tips?

While I’m preparing dinner, our evening conversation usually goes something like this:  Astrig to Steve~ “I think I’m in the mood for something _____” (fill in with funny, romantic, a little bit scary, controversial or foreign, depending on the way the day has unfolded).  Steve to Astrig (checking clock on his ever-present laptop): “It’s already ___ o’clock (translation, if it’s before 7 PM I can choose a movie, if it’s later than that I get one episode of s series.)  Lately we’ve been following Lost Girl, Creating Destiny, FireFly and anything Australian.

Because I wanted to focus more on my spinning the other night, we watched the 1950’s British film Penny Princess.  If you don’t know about schneez and you’re looking for a film that couldn’t offend any one, this is a lovely, overlooked choice.

When it’s not dark and time to snuggle into the couch, I’ve been dividing my time between computer work and studio hours.  These days we’re doing a lot of reservations (the economy appears much stronger this year) and both Steven and I work on our separate/thoroughly inter-related campground interests.

For me it’s all about e-mails, launching Fiber College 2013, our artist in residents summer program and social media.

Following a breakfast conversation the other day, I’ve been tasked with volunteered to create a list of 12 fun projects to make the campground more individual with an emphasis on gardens and playgrounds…that opened the door of Pintrest.  Need I say more?

My “job” now “requires” me to  surf the internet in search of sparkly ideas that would make our little corner of paradise even more special.  Boy I love being self-employed ;)! If you are also a Pintrest fan, I started a board called “Campground” and would love for you to add your images to the conversation. So far I’m thinking we need a little more glamor, a bit more fun and definitely more spaces to hide and daydream.

For Steven it’s about keeping us updated with the various chambers and associations we belong to, planning the costs/scheduling of our major renovation & maintenance projects (did I mention that we’re getting a bathhouse renovation next spring?) and of course sourcing the seeds for this years garden (next week the calendar says he and Norma will be starting the onions and leeks).

Well friends, according the blogging experts, I’ve exceed the optimum number of words in a post by at least one hundred and fifteen so I’d better close for now.

Tomorrow we’re headed for Freeport and the annual gathering of New England Fiber Artists…imagine the picturesque town of Freeport swarming with knitters, spinners, hookers and weavers.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

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