Wandering the World…Happy to be Home

spain trip 039

This door is only from the 10th century…hardly worth noting except for its stunning color, design and imposing size

We walked the edge of the old world…and we’re back!  To celebrate 20 happy years of campground business, Steven, Dad and I fulfilled a lifelong curiosity by exploring the medinas of Morocco’s most ancient cities.

There were snake charmers, camels, bright colors and spices…dried apricots and the most luscious dates I’ve ever eaten…and if the motor scooters and satellite TV antennas were magically removed, there would be no way of knowing that you hadn’t stepped into a time machine and been transported to times before Jesus.  I’ve never been so lost or so enchanted in my entire life.  Morocco rocks!


Since we took over Searsport Shores from the Mr. Treat (the original owner and developer), this is the first time we’ve closed the office from all communication…and <insert gasp> we lived 3 weeks of life without e-mail, phone calls or Facebook…who would have thunk it possible?  Thank you Dea and Ken for taking care of the animals.

The trip was wonderful.  We traveled with a group of 20 other folks hailing from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and England, meeting first in Madrid Spain and making our way through the highlights of Southern Spain, Portugal and Morocco.  We learned about the overlap of the Moorish, Jewish and Catholic civilizations and saw proof in the architecture…and tasted it in the foods.  Finally the words “Iberian Peninsula” conjure images in my mind that include olives, oranges and sardines.

Of course it’s good to be home after making new friends and collecting a wide variety of spices and close to a thousand digital photos.  As you might imagine there are a mountain of e-mails and phone calls to return so please be patient with us just a little bit longer…I’ll try not to forget anyone along the way.

And…Wishing you all a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

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