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Are we so different from Squirrels?

The calendar might not concur but we’ve climbed onto Winter’s shoulder…yesterday we had a slushy snowfall and the roads were “greezy” for the first time since last April.

As usual time, has flown by and the “to-do” list hasn’t gotten shorter but the notes are different. Instead of 1) check cleaning supplies, 2) find out why the mugs for the store haven’t come in yet and 3) organize the puzzles in the rec hall etc, now the list reads 1) pull picnic tables in need of repair, 2) fill the waterlines with anti-freeze and 3) mulch the carrots & parsnips before the deep frost.

Yesterday morning at Lincolnville Beach…I was glad I was driving the big truck.

This past month has been devoted to closing down the campground, putting the gardens to bed, catching up with old friends, filling the barn with 2013 campfire wood and making certain that we’ll be snug and comfortable when the snow starts to fly.

I’ve said it hundred’s of times and yet it still surprises me, we spend 5 months opening and closing the park, 5 months enjoying our guests and 2 months fluffing, planning, chattering and planting the ideas that will sprout someday.

The guys have been filling the barn with split hard and soft wood for next year’s campfires
Tomatoes, Swiss chard and black walnuts all stored for snowy nights
The goats get all of the plants pulled from the garden beds…nothing makes a goat happier than Brussel sprouts and immature pumpkins.
I was honored to be asked to join the Board of Directors for the newly formed Friends of Penobscot Bay group. There was a big press conference and our first task will be to advocate for responsible dredging and the monitoring of invasive species. The group is a wide coalition of working waterfront people including lobstermen, scallop divers and of course those of us in the tourist trade.
A weekend in Rhinebeck NY at the Sheep and Wool Festival…a perfect excuse to spend more time talking about gardens, goats and all things related to sweaters.
The husks of the black walnuts we picked at Betty Hauger’s Winterport farm became dye for 2 island wool fleeces…the rendered colors are all the shades you find in a cappuccino cup that has a toll house cookie on the plate.
Before deer hunting season started we took a walk in Tanglewood…these hundreds of acres are public land about 15 minutes south of us in Lincolnville…next time you’re here, ask for directions because the hikes are beautiful…through coniferous forests, bogs and along the river.
Sandy only caused little ripples in our world…these are the gourds still shining bright after the storm is long past…this afternoon Steven’s off loading a truck filled with sweaters, hats and blankets bound for NY…there’s probably a similar relief effort in your area too.
It’s getting dark now around 4 PM…we’re all snuggling in earlier…be well everyone.

When I watch the squirrels scurry across the deck, trying to catch just a claw full of chickadee suet, and then race along the top of the fence to add more acorns to their stash before the goats eat them all, I’m struck by two things…their activities aren’t very different from ours and though they work harder than we do, you never see a tired squirrel…are they smarter than us?

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