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And the month + flew by…

I hope that your past month has been as enjoyable as ours. The campground has stayed busy with terrific guests, the weather has been one of those”once in a decade” spans of warm breezes, glowing trees and take your breath away blue skies.

Fiber College took our breath away with all of the creative energy that arrived early and stayed late…and left us with projects dancing in our heads that we’ve eagerly pursued during the quieter camping time. This is the 7th year of FC and we’re starting to welcome people like old friends we only have the pleasure of visiting with once a year…but we have projects to talk about, stories to tell and plans to make so the conversation doesn’t lag for even a breath.

I’ve written you dozens of notes while I’ve been enjoying our life but it has occurred to me that unless I buckled down and stood in front of the computer long enough to type, you wouldn’t really know what I was thinking…but I’m going to fall back on pictures to give you a tour for now…my indigo is heating in the Dyeing tent and I’m going to tend to it very shortly…

The shiniest trailer of the year…

Queen Lollie Pop got her fall hair cut
We had a marvelous crop of garlic this year…Norma cleaned and prepared it to sell in the store.
Rob made fondue for us and we all enjoyed an early evening lobster at Young’s Lobster Pound…it felt good to play tourist for a little while 🙂 Thanks Rob & Craig!!
Tiny Trevor has come to live in Searsport…this was his first of many beach walks…it was funny to watch him watch the others eating seaweed…but once he tried it…
Our first ever honey harvest…that was the happiest sweetener I’ve ever tasted…we celebrated with lemon honey squares and espresso by the beach.
Steven wears out 10 pair of jeans every summer…the project for this fall: denim rag rugs
Working with Friends of Penobscot Bay and the local middle school to teach hands on ocean biology…35 pairs of rubber boots, plenty of fish in the net…a good morning for every one.
Dyeing and spinning for a needlepoint rug…a great way to grab quiet minutes in the sunshine
Sending you our warmest wishes…Astrig & Steve

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  1. I miss all of you terribly! Can’t begin to tell you how much I loved camping up there and learning and creating while at fiber college. It truly was a most rewarding and peaceful week!!!!!

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