Early Spring

Last weekend Laurie Matthews and her family called and asked if they could pitch a tent for the day.  The part that stumped me was “for the day”…most people want to pitch a tent for the night.  The sky was bright blue, the ocean sparkled but the wind was chilly…we don’t open until next weekend but who can resist a family that wants to spend time together playing at the beach and picnicking wrapped in a comforter…of course they could come.

We worked in the garden while the extended Matthews family reminded us of why it’s so special to live here.  The kids were bouncing and giggling…clearly in love with having the undivided attention of the adults who loved them.  Laurie sent us some pictures of the day and I thought you might like to see our world through their eyes:

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One Comment on “Early Spring

  1. It looks as if they had a wonderful day, wish I had been there to see things too. I bet there were a lot more beautiful family moments at the campground. Love the goat and child picture, and the one with the rabbit, They are extra special I think!


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