Pictures of campsites and a desperate plea for a photo filing system!

I’ve been looking for a postcard image since I made coffee two hours ago and still no luck…but as I slog through the pictures, I spend most of my time smiling because of the memories they bring back. Because it’s reservation season and we seem to have more “new” guests than we’ve ever had, I thought you might like to see some pictures that show specific campsites.

These are photos that we’ve accumulated in no particular order. Nothing has been staged and most are snapshots taken for a different reason than showing the site. I say this because you’d think that because I live in paradise, it would be easy to show you breath-taking pictures. Well, the truth is, most of the activity that I’m involved in during the camping season generally happen in other areas of the campground (like the rec hall, lobster shack, art studio and gardens), not on people’s campsites. AND it feels a bit close to stalking when you barge in on someone’s campsite and ask to take a picture…do you know what I mean?

With the aforementioned caveats in place, have a marvelous, good-surpise-filled day and I hope that these pictures are helpful if you’ve never been here before and that they trigger a smile if they remind you a time you’ve spent here in the past.

extreme camping site 13

Looking at site #42 from Site 50

site #6

ocean tent site #6

site #15

standing at low, low tide looking up towards the premium RV sites

standing at mid-tide rising looking towards the ocean tenting side of the campground

Ocean tent #14

site #50

platinum site #2

Shirley on site #12

picnicking in early June on site #51

sites #43 & 44

site #9

Hanging on site #6 or 7

Ocean tent #4

So here are two requests: 1. If you have nice pictures of your campsite, could I please have copies and 2. If you have a fool-proof photo filing system, I really need to hear about it.

2 Comments on “Pictures of campsites and a desperate plea for a photo filing system!

  1. Have you tried Picasa’s tag system to organize your photos with? Their album system isn’t too bad either. I think of it as tags… you can put a photo in multiple albums.


    • Picasa is the program I use…my problem is that I what categories to sort them into (beach, gardens, goats, guests) or by date or by season? What ever system I start with works for a while and then I’m lost again…


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