Wicked Cold

The sun's low at two in the afternoon

It’s the kind of cold that makes the snow crunchy under your feet and the seaweed crackles as the tide water moves in…I always cringe a bit when I see the ducks and gulls settle into the water as the sea smoke drifts over them…hard to believe that they have that much insulation.

Me, I’m wearing two sweaters, two pairs of socks and insulated mittens…this is when I’m really glad that I like to knit and weave.

Rather than fill this post with words…here are pictures from this week in Searsport.

I started working on this rug in October. First washing the wool, then dyed it the color of ripe wheat, blackberries and currants, created fluffy batts and spun the yarn for this 3x5 rug. The wool is from French Hill Farm in Solon Maine.

Recognize Jim from our lobster bakes? Wearing a different hat, we met with the Fiber College planning committee last week and set Fiber College 2012 into motion

On Saturday a group of community activists met with National Grassroots Advocates to organize our efforts to preserve our local environment for generations to come (yes, we met in the art studio). Steve has decided to run for a town selectmen spot...March 6th are the elections.

Were you here last year when the artist in residence was a print maker? This week we're beginning the interview process to line up a fantastic summer of artists to work in the campground. FMI

Sunday we spent an hour at the Penobscot Marine Museum looking through a Big Top Exhibit

By 3:30 it's time to snuggle in and make a pot of warm soup...maybe a nip of brandy 😉

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