Still Here

September 10- Learning Irish Crochet at Fiber College

I’m sitting in the sun here on the art studio deck wondering how in the world it came to be November 1st…things have been busy since that last September post…Fiber College was a wild success, we had a busy fall season, lots of late vegetables from the garden to put away and I’m not certain how I accumulated so much wool that needed to be washed and is still waiting to be dyed.  Long story short, we’ve been busy and happy and I fell off the blogging horse for a while.

Actually, truth be told, I didn’t fall off…I think I was pushed a bit.  Remember that little satirical video Steve and I did about that hurricane before Labor Day…well, we thought/think it was a good parody on our national obsession with weather but I got a few REALLY nasty responses concerning my lack of compassion for humanity and very personal attacks on our humor (including some bad reviews on campground review sites)…so I’ve licked my wounds long enough and I’m back…thanks for waiting.

Oh, and then ConocoPhillips got serious about wanting to put 22.7 millions of LPG storage at Mack Point…so about a month ago we started an intensive learning session with a few of our neighbors about an industrial project of this scale in the middle of our little town and my computer time has been spent putting a power point presentation together that I’ll be showing Wednesday Nov 3 in Searsport and Thursday Nov 4 in Belfast…for more information, give me a call at the campground…207-548-6059

That said, I have been writing the blog in my mind all of these weeks…here are a few of the pictures that I snapped while I was telepathically talking with you:

September 18...Amaranth for dying wool

September 20- Hike to Mt. Battie with Steve's sister Shari

September 23- We studied wood-fired bread ovens at the Common Ground for ours...

September 23- Common Ground Fair

September 24- Pumpkin still defying gravity

September 26- Last lunch of the Season with Dad...Thai in Belfast

October 16- New Bunkhouse under construction...across from the Frog & Faerie Cabin

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