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An Interview with Jodi Renshaw by Marie

Jodi's son Isaac on the beach at Searsport Shores Campground


Photographer Jodi Renshaw has done everything from farming, to counseling, to being an animal rights activist for circus elephants.  She is hard working and has an innovative spirit that makes her appear to be able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.  Her two passions in life are her children and photography.


She opened a studio called Studio 36 after finding it impossible to find a studio that would rent her a space when she first started her career in photography.  When Jodi first started out, she looked and looked around the Bangor area for a studio that she could rent by the hour.  There was not anyone who was willing to help her get started in the business.

Now, as the owner of Studio 36, she has a created a space where people who are interested in photography are able to go. In fact, she lovingly refers to it as a “coffeehouse” for people who are serious about photography and need a place to work.  This makes it much easier to get started because there is no need to invest a lot of money to start out.

Jodi is also the mother of two children.  Her goal is to adopt a total of four children.  She currently has a daughter whom she adopted from the Penobscot Indian tribe.  Her son, Isaac, came to her from Haiti.  A lot of her time is spent homeschooling Isaac. 

Kitty camping at Searsport Shores

She has an online store that is called “This Handmade Life” which offers many different handmade things.  Each of these items is very unique and would be difficult to find somewhere else.   You can find her items at: http:www.thishandmadelife.net

 Also,  visit the website her studio at http:// www.studio36bangor.com and see what is going on at her studio.  You can also see more examples of her wonderful photography.


Fiber College of Maine is sponsoring a weekly artist in residence program at the campground with the aim of introducing guests to a variety of artistic endeavors ranging from photography to spinning yarn, wood carving to printmaking.  For a full list of artists, check out the “artist” link at the top of the page…or click here and scroll down to the bottom.






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