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Is it Winter yet?

Steven and I often argue about exactly when winter starts…I believe it starts as soon as it’s too cold to work outside before 11 AM (Yes, I have lots of wooly projects I’d rather work on in the comfort of a sunny window).  Somewhere around the 1st of November seems about right.  Obviously my willingness to accept the change of seasons proves that I’m flexible, wise and easy to get-along-with…I’m a Gemini.     Steven believes that it’s winter when there’s too much snow on the ground to try working on some sort of garden project…he won’t say “uncle” even when butting heads with Mother Nature until his feet are stuck in nearly frozen mud…clearly he’s an Aquarius.

So with the prediction of cold rain upon us…I spent the morning in the kitchen preparing a really good spaghetti sauce with the last of our heirloom tomatoes (they seem to produce later into the season than the others), the final straggling green peppers and a lonely eggplant…from now on it’s kale, cabbage and Brussel sprouts for us when we want fresh veggies from the garden.  Spaghetti, warm bread from Chase’s and a glass of red wine with friends late in the afternoon… yup, it’s winter.

But by 11:00 it was warm enough to venture out and plant a few more daffodil bulbs (remind me again why I thought 500 was a reasonable number).  Since I’m trying to get more Spring flowers on the beds by the ocean, it was a great excuse to take the goats for a walk and let them graze on seaweed while I snuck the bulbs into the ground along the boardwalk.  You’ll see from the pictures that we were bathed in that silvery pink light that comes before a big rain…with the temps in the 50’s even the wind didn’t feel particularly cold.

First we stop to nibble the acorns from the big oaks along the shore
1 Year old Brambles keeps getting distracted by the call of the gulls hovering in the salt grass
Queen Lollipop is always the last to come along
But Lollipop is the sweetest of the bunch
See Neeshee's tongue? The seaweed is tangy.
The boys are ready to climb the banking in search of new flavors but Queen Lollie's found some beach peas
Fresh peas in November?…oh my!
Back to work!

4 responses to “Is it Winter yet?”

  1. Thank you for sharing new pics of the goats. My kids miss seeing Brambles, Queen Lollie, and Neeshee! Chloe (age 7) says, “I LOVE those goats! Especially Queen Lolli!” After seeing the pics here Caleb (age 11) said, “Those goats disobeyed by climbing the wall!” lol I guess I nailed that rule down well this summer. 😉

    • Check out our Thanksgiving Post…there’s a great photo of Lollie. You know, the goats go through terrible withdrawal at the end of the summer…they get so lonely until they resign themselves to the new rhythm of winter.

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